Transfer Students

BBI University recognizes and accepts transfer from the following national Universities:

University of Liberia (UL), Cuttington University(CUC), African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU), Stella Maris University, United Methodist University (UMU), African Methodist Episcopal Zion University (AMEZU), Seven Day Adventist University (SDA), Williams V.S Tubman University (TU) and other Universities accredited by the Commission on Higher Education.

Students who apply from these institutions are ensured maximum transferability. All transfer students must do a minimum of 52 credit hours at BBI University to meet graduation requirements.

Transfer Students, BBI University accepts only those students whose previous University or college records are satisfactory base on our background check. Any course with a grade of “C, F, D” on a transfer student transcript with be redone and “B and A” will be looked at on a case by case basis before acceptance or considered. All students who have attended any institution of higher learning must present evidence of such attendance and honorable withdrawal.

An official transcript of University, Letter of Recommendation, high school Diploma and college records, with an interpretation of the grading system, is also required. Failure to disclose such information will be sufficient grounds for denial of admission.

Applications submitted for transfer are reviewed by the Academic Standing Committee and applicants must satisfy BBI University requirements for entrance and graduation. They must earn at least 52 hours of academic credit at BBIU and, with a minimum of 40 credit hours in their major and minor areas at BBIU to qualify for graduation.

Transfer Procedure & Requirements for current university students and graduates.
Please submit the following items and documents to be considered for enrollment:

• Provide original transcript from current university or university attended
• Two passport size picture
• Submit all documents in a long manila and hanging folders
• Two letters of recommendation: One from the University, college or vocational training institution you last attended and the other from the community.
• Short essay: Maximum words count: 350-500 words auto-biography
• Return application portfolio to: Admissions Office, BBIU Campus, Robert field Highway, Liberia

Exemption and Transfer of Credits:

Students may be exempted from credits reduction provided they are from special institutions that singed academic agreement with BBIU.
This provision is to provide exemption for the students who may be in good standing academically in that institution but due to unavoidable circumstances which led the student to transfer. The exemption will be subject to the approval by the Department of Records and Admissions.
BBIU will accept up to 64 credit hours from junior University or colleges two-year institutions with the approval of the Department of Records and Admissions. Special Students test and Evaluation Any applicant wishing to attend BBIU as a student must take a formal entrance test and make a compulsory pass in Mathematics and English.
Remedial Students High school graduates who sit and fail to meet the requirements for the entrance exam may be allowed to attend a pay for academic intensive program. This program is intended to upgrade their academic background and prepare them for the University.


1. Take the entrance exam and fail one of the subjects;
2. Duration of the program is one semester;
3. Must make a “C” grade in remedial course (Mathematics or English) to be accepted in the regular University programs
4. A student who fails the intensive program may be allowed to redo the program for another semester and pass in order to qualify for the regular University program. A student who fails the program in the addition semester will be dropped from the university.