Brief History of BBIU

The Best Brains International University (BBIU) was birthed in 2018 when the vision bearer (Rev. Dr. J. Luther Tarpeh) presided over the first meeting with of two likeminded professionals. Namely: Mrs. Christiana A. Tarpeh and Mr. Anthony F. Williams on June 8, 2018 on the campus of the Best Brains Academy when he (Tarpeh and Team) share their experiences about some university graduates with poor academic performance within some public and private institutions; as well as on the internationals seem. This which was embarrassing for our country and their respective university, this which again prompted their passion and desire to established BBIU to serve as that solid academic human minds refinery to adequately address that gaps or situation face by universities students. It was agreed that the University be established and named “Best Brains International University”.

Since 2018 to date, BBIU had been working on the accreditation process at the National Commission on Higher Education to be granted an award to confer an undergraduate degree as a tertiary institution. In response to the numerous calls to strengthening the Liberian higher education system, this which many people has proposed on ways for transformation. The need to address the problems that have kept higher education from responding effectively to the national building process has become compelling and requires more efforts to build an inclusive vibrant higher education system. Also to address critical areas of national concern such as: leadership problems of society, immorality, indecent dress code by males and females, lack of entrepreneurs skills, rampant corruption, the display of lack of patriotic tendencies, the rule of law and job opportunities amongst others.

More so to contribute meaningfully to societal growth and development that will respond to the increasing needs for technical and professional skills and thus drive and accelerate the national reconstruction programs of the country and the world. Consistent with the number of converging forces serving as a catalyst for change, including a growing demand for more advanced skills for the workforce, rapid growth of technology and the advent of new providers of higher education services (public and private) taking on new roles. Best Brains International University seeks to expand the higher education corridor thus infusing additional areas for societal growth. The traditional institutions (public and private) have become vulnerable to these forces of change. In some critical dimensions, they are not in line with regards to relevance, costs, quality assurance and the link to pre-college (elementary and secondary) programs.
The vision bearer (Rev. J. Luther Tarpeh) and his team think that the higher education system in Liberia requires programs that are potentially relevant to addressing the socio-economic needs of the country, particularly in the sciences. Areas such as agriculture, Fisheries management, Ocean Governance, Aquaculture, Environmental Science and Climax change, Data Collection and Management, Health, Engineering, Medicine, and Information Technology as well as a robust Entrepreneurship teaching are among essential courses that should be given priority in the higher education system in order to boost Liberia’s economic development.

BEST BRAINS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, aim is to operate a state of an art technological institution in shifting the dynamics from traditional learning to a digital e-learning environment that will help in addressing numerous challenges that are confronting the learning atmosphere. Couple with other progressive methods/strategies, the University is committed to leveraging the huge gaps in the educational sector and unleashing its full potential for the benefit of current and future generations. BBIU considers not just granting degrees to her valuable students, but also concerns about instilling the culture of exemplary moral leadership and the spirit of entrepreneurship as they embark on their desired career goals.