Department of Sociology

The discipline of sociology is highly functional for our graduates to effectively work in almost every aspect of job prescriptions in institutions and organizations. The discipline focuses intensely on social interactions which of course, any society will not effectively function by ignoring such components.
There are therefore numerous job and academic opportunities available for trained graduates in sociology and social work in the world in which Liberia is not an exception. Sociology and Social Work is a good starting point for post-graduate studies in Law, Development Studies, Business Administration, Public Administration, Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, Peace and Conflict Resolution and among others. Graduates in this discipline can be gainfully employed in the teaching profession, from the very elementary up to the highest levels; they are high in demand in many specialized areas in the United Nations Organizations, International and local Non-governmental organizations, civil societies, companies, consultancy agencies, research institutes, hospitals, prisons, immigration, judicial system, community service, correction centers and entrepreneurial undertaken.

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete minimum of 139 academic credit hours, with a minimum average of C on a four point scale in order to graduate. For a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, students must satisfy departmental requirements, minor requirements, and college and university requirements.