Department of Information Technology

The College/ School The Bachelor of Science Degree (B.Sc.IT) in Information Technology is being offered at the Best Brains International University under a theoretical and more practical learning environment. This degree brings together both technical expertise with problem-solving and communication skills that assist in planning, configuring, implementing, integrating and maintaining the computing and information technologysolutionsforanyorganization's computing infrastructure.Students will be exposedtocore concentration areas in information technology such as networking system, cyber security, software application development, Management Information System, System Structure Analysis and Designed etc.
It will also develop their strengths in all aspects of information technology via a challenge-based learning approach. In addition, the program will assist the students on how to achieve industry certification such as A+, Microsoft certification, Cisco certification, etc. that will strengthen the students’credentialsandcompetenciesinthefieldofinformationtechnology.Thisisa four year degree granting program with a strong foundation in both theory and practical in the IT industry.


The B.Sc.IT program consists of 144 credit hours-level IT courses. Including computer programming, Network Monitoring and Intrusion Prevention Systems, scripting languages, information security, web application development, computer networking, database management systems, Red Hat Administration and Systems Analysis & Design, encryption concepts, etc. In addition, students will complete supporting coursework in technical writing, foreign language, gender studies, and sociology.


1. To produce competent IT professionals that will focus on leading a research, designing, developing, and maintaining projects in different areas of computing.
2. Graduates of the B.Sc.IT program will be prepared to gain employment as an IT professional.
3. Graduates of the B.Sc.IT program will function effectively as individuals and team members in any workplace,growing into highly technical or project management and leadership roles