Department of International Relations and Peace Studies

The College/ School of International Relations and Peace Studies plays a central role in offering college required courses such as History, English, Psychology, mass communication distinct degree and programs in the humanities and social sciences such as, Sociology and Social Work, Mass Communication, History and International Relations, English and Literature, and French Language Studies. The college is blessed and dedicated to aspire, train and retrain students that will build Liberia and the world at large. We encourage fresh high school graduates to take advantage of our academic programs, and we all look forward to making their study here at BBIU a worthwhile experience.

College / School Requirements

All students working towards a Major in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences are expected to take and pass with a minimum of ‘C’ grade in Introduction to Philosophy (PHI. 101) and Introduction to Psychology (PSY 101). Introduction to Philosophy is designed to expose students to the history and formation of ideas, logic/critical thinking, as well as ethics among other things from a philosophical perspective. Introduction to Psychology is aimed at giving the students an introduction to human behavior and the rationale for such. It is hoped that these courses will serve as a good foundation for students towards appreciating and understanding the position of Liberal Arts in the development of all forms of knowledge, whether science or non-science.

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete minimum of 139 academic credit hours, with a minimum average of C on a four point scale in order to graduate. For a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Religion and Peace Studies, students must satisfy departmental requirements, minor requirements, and college and university requirements.