Department of Secondary Education

The College of Education offers two programs leading to Bachelor of Science degrees in Primary Education and Secondary Education (with concentrations in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Mathematics, English and Literature and History). All programs offer candidates the opportunity to experience course work in pedagogy and in the content areas and practicum. The course work in Teacher Education Program is grounded in liberal arts and supported by major fields of specialization and professional studies. Based on a four-year integrated approach, Education majors are expected to complete: General Education/Liberal Arts courses and be immersed in an area of specialization and engage in at least one (1) year of field experience. Transition Points and Key Assessment Data Initial entry to the College of Education Programs.

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete minimum of 139 academic credit hours, with a minimum average of "C" on a four point scale in order to graduate. For a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, students must satisfy departmental requirements, minor requirements, and college and university requirements.